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Olight 3400mAh 18650 protected Li-ion rechargeable battery ORB-186L34




South Korean quality. This battery is compatible with almost all torches and provides high capacity at a great price. Over charge and under charge protection is built into the battery and it can be recharged 400-500 times before needing to be replaced. LG Cell Core. Battery case included! BEST VALUE 3400mAh! $6.16 per Amp hour. Each battery comes with a free plastic battery case. It features a quality LG 18650 3400mAh capacity cell that has high stability and long life. OLIGHT made a breakthrough in battery structural design and place the protection board on the positive anode of the battery. This simplified design removed the conductive nickel tape located on battery body from the positive electrode to the negative electrode. The ORB-186L34 achieves a better match with more devices. It not only has a broader application range but is a more economical and environmental-friendly product. FEATURES Multi-Protection Attributes Cell: PTC protection, Over discharge current protection, Over discharge voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Overcharge protection. Long Serving Life: More than 500 charge and discharge cycles being used for over 5 years consistently Low Self-Discharge Rate: The cell will still have 80% of their full capacity after one year of storage High Discharge Current: 5A high constant discharge current Standard 18650 Shape and Size: Suitable for universal application SPECIFICATIONS Type: 18650-3400mAh Model No: ORB-186L34 Chemistry: Li-ion Nominal Capacity: 3350mAh Maximum Capacity: 3400mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.6V Maximum Discharge Current: 5000mA Charging Current: 1700mA (0.5C) Charging Cycles: 500 Weight: 47.9g Dimensions: Dia18.5 ± 0.1mm,Length 68.7±0.5mm


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